Friday, July 29, 2016

Episode 81: What is BreakoutEdu? with Guest Ann Smart

In this episode, we are joined by Ann Smart, an Ed Tech Consultant from Jackson ISD in Michigan to have her answer our question: What is BreakoutEdu? Listen to find out how you can use this for team building/collaboration in a staff meeting/PD to model taking risks and then let your teachers brainstorm how they could use this in their classrooms. There are many ways teachers are already using BreakoutEdu in their classes to make learning tons of fun!

If you are excited to get going with BreakoutEdu then here are some links to help you get started:

Follow BreakoutEdu on Twitter

Check the hashtag #breakoutedu

Join the Facebook Group to network with others for ideas

Pinterest Page of BreakoutEdu ideas

Here are some videos to help you learn more about BreakoutEdu:

Here are some pictures from Theresa's first experience with BreakoutEdu at #EdcampLdrMI:

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