Sunday, August 4, 2019

Episode 110: Preparing for the new year

In this week's episode, Theresa and Spike discuss how they are preparing for the upcoming school year. They begin by talking about how each of their district's update discipline and dress codes. Even though this may seem to be a boring or redundant activity, Theresa and Spike try to put a lot of thought into the process. They also discussed how policies should be updated to create an inclusive environment. For instance, Theresa went through her school's policies to ensure they reflect equity and diversity in terms of gender. The discussion then went into how to prepare the students and staff for the long haul (180 days) as opposed to over-hyped welcome back sessions. Theresa and Spike want to keep that topic for the next podcast and get ideas on how to work with their staff on the marathon of the school year, not the sprint.

Here are some resources from the podcast:

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

109: Summer Principaling

In this episode Jessica and Spike discuss a bunch of different things going on in the life of a Principal. They begin by discussing the summer responsibilities and how to complete the end of the year, manage the day to day and plan for the upcoming year. They discuss the role of the vice/assistant Principals, student use of cell phones, and summer learning. 

Resources mentioned in our discussion:
Cell Phones In School? - Away for the Day

Books Jessica read/plans to read this summer:

Here is a Principal to follow who is doing things differently and getting amazing results:
Hamish Brewer 

Episode 108 - It's the end....of the year

In this episode Theresa AND SPIKE (!!!) catch up on all things for the Principal. They discussed end of the year activities, planning for the new school year, and ways to get staff more involved. There are retirements, connecting with students, summer plans (what exactly DO administrators do in the summer?) and more.



Thursday, May 30, 2019

Episode 107: Transitions

Yes, we are still here people, but we are busy principals that barely ever get our schedules to coordinate to podcast. In episode 107 we talk about transitions and Jessica has some big transition news...and she'd love advice/tips from you!

Here's some links of things mentioned in the podcast: allows you to schedule 30 posts