Season 1 (September 2013- August 2014)

Starting in September of 2013 and concluding in August 2014 we recorded 35 shows as the Principalcast Podcast. Each of the podcasts were focused on how educators can learn from each other, and share ideas.  Thanks to Jeffrey Bradbury at Teachercast for producing our 1st Season of podcasting. You can download all episodes of the PrincipalCast on iTunes.

Interested in accessing these podcasts?

Episode 1 PrincipalCast 1.0

Episode 2 Social Media in the School District

Episode 3 You Know You're a Connected Educator When...

Episode 4 How to Observe and Evaluate Your Teachers in the 21st Century

Episode 5 Evaluations and Observations

Episode 6

Episode 7 Being a Principal is the Best Job in the World!

Episode 8 A Discussion with Todd Whitaker

Episode 9 Inspiring Ways to Motivate Your Staff

Episode 10 Making the Most Out of Staff Meetings

Episode 11 Communicating Effectively with Staff

Episode 12 Sledding Down the Mountain of December: It's the Most Busiest Time of the Year!

Episode 13 "Short on Time" A Conversation with @BillSterrett

Episode 14 Learn How to Be a Digital Leader, Featuring Eric Sheninger

Episode 15 Stay Organized with Evernote!

Episode 16 Learn How to Better Communicate with Your Staff

Episode 17  What is Disciplinary Literacy?

Episode 18 Keeping Up with Professional Reading

Episode 19 An Interview with Matt Renwick, Author of Digital Student Portfolios

Episode 20 Engaging School Community through Social Media

Episode 21 What Does it Take to Be a Before and After School Principal?

Episode 22 Conferences and Learning Whether You're There or Not!

Episode 23 Professional Learning Communities

Episode 24 The After School Principal

Episode 25 Interview Tips from the Top

Episode 26 Preparing for Your First Administrative Job

Episode 27 An Interview with ASCD Authors Bill Sterrett, Mark Barnes and Michael Fisher

Episode 28 Preparing for the End of the School Year

Episode 29 Are We There Yet? Administrative Tips and Tricks for Ending the School Year

Episode 30 An Evening with Hall of Fame Principal @DwightCarter

Episode 31 An Interview with Bob Dillon @ideaguy42

Episode 32 Education, ISTE 2014 and Erin Klein

Episode 33 Life After the Principal's Office with Peter Dewitt

Episode 34 Learn How to Start Your Own School with Kelly Tenkely

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