Sunday, May 13, 2018

Party Like it's Episode 99!

It's May, a crazy time of the year. We hope you're not only surviving, but also trying to thrive. Theresa and Jessica don't have a topic today, but naturally, discuss the busy-ness of May while trying to remain positive. We shared ideas for transitions from one building to the next for students and the end of the year.

Jessica talked about the upcoming Coach Approach Institute taking place this summer in Chicago and New Jersey. If you are interested in finding out more/how to register, go to:

If you're in need of inspiration to fuel your leadership soul at this time of the year, or any really, you should read The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon. Jessica shared a couple of her favorite books, but she has been creating many images of quotes from the book so here is inspiration to fuel you through the rest of the school year: