Saturday, July 2, 2016

Episode 77: EdCamp Leader

While catching up on what we've been up to Theresa talked about the upcoming NAESP convention and we had to mention that Jessica Cabeen (Principal that was featured in this episode) will be receiving the NAESP award for Digital Leader of Early Learning. You can see all of the great things her school is doing to integrate technology in her Kindergarten center in this video.

 Jessica and Theresa talk about the upcoming EdCamp Leader (#edcampldr).  EdCamp is a great way to learn about what you want, following the rule  of 2 feet (if you don't like the session, then walk out and go to another). EdCamp is such a great way to connect with others, expand your PLN and just have conversations about what you want to learn more about for your own professional learning.  Check out the EdCamp Leader site to find out where your closest #edcampldr is.

Last year Theresa and Jessica finally got to meet in person for the first time. Yes, after podcasting for two years and writing a book together (along with Spike), they never met in person until this...

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