Sunday, January 21, 2018

Episode 90: Getting Organized

In this episode, Theresa and Spike discuss how 2018 is going while Jessica is Ice Fishing! As the discussion unfolds, Theresa talked about how she has been using the app Todoist. She uses Todoist to organize all of the tasks that she has to do throughout the week. Todoist connects with her gmail and allows her to schedule time to get the important things accomplished. Theresa also talked about she continues to use Evernote. She takes all her notes, articles, tasks, and documents and scans them to Evernote.

Spike shared how he stays organized throughout the day by using the SAMs Time Tracker System. This system, developed by former Principal Mark Shellinger, creates a calendar for Principals to track their time and work on improving their time spent with instruction.

Please share any apps/tips/tricks you use for staying organized. We'll be tackling email next, so share those things, too via twitter, email, or commenting on the blog post.


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  1. Enjoyed the conversation on Evernote. When I need to record information (as opposed to a document that has to be on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper), Evernote is where it goes.

    Evernote will interface with any good task manager using a service called TaskClone (around $15 a year). Put a check box beside something in Evernote, tag the note "TaskClone" and the itemm with a check box winds up on your task manager with a link in the attached note taking you back to the note in Evernote where it was created.