Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A PLN-Sourced Podcast: "This is what my week has been like"

PrincipalPLN is doing a "Voxer podcast" format we are trying out this weekend. I want to do a different one - one to help new administrators understand what the end of the year is like. I want them to know that we are ALL going through the same struggles. Every. single. one of us. 
We asked principals, teachers and other administrators to answer the following prompt:
"This is what my last week has been like:"
(If you're wondering how mine was, be sure to check my last post: http://bit.ly/206eYlj)
Here are the results. Thank you to Brian Costello, Heather Leonard, Jessica Cabeen, Julie Vincentsen, Doug Timm, Michael Kelly and Brad Gustafson for their contributions.

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