Saturday, September 5, 2015

Episode 65: Exploring Multi Aged Classrooms

In this episode, Theresa Stager shared a fascinating solution to a problem.... As her school faced declining enrollment, they used it as an opportunity to try something new. In preparation for this, she reached out to her PLN and was able to gather resources to help her teacher establish Multi-Aged Classrooms. Even though they are only 8 days into the new format, the feedback has been positive.

Here are some resources for establishing Multi-Aged Classrooms:

At the conclusion of the episode, Spike and Theresa talked about how exited they were to receive their new book Breaking Out of Isolation: Becoming a Connected School Leader through Corwin Press. The next few podcasts they will review the book and invite contributors to share their story of overcoming isolation.

Purchase "Breaking Out of Isolation" today!

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