Sunday, January 7, 2018

Episode 88: What's the Weather?

In this episode, we warm up with hot coffee and blankets to stay warm in this frigid winter. Spike talks about the Bomb Cyclone in New Jersey, which caused his school to close for two days, we compared temperatures and talked about indoor recess/school closure decision making. A fun app share to enjoy your weather is: WTForecast - Caution, the profanity can be offensive in this app, but you can change the setting.

We also talked about what happens when staff have a countdown or stir up excitement for a snow day...what message does that send our students and families? Thank you Tom Murray for this tweet:

Spike talked about "One word 2018." Have you picked "One word?" Spike's is Gratitude, Theresa's is Aware, and finally Jessica agreed to one word… Balance

We talked about pop news and how a youtube video caused quite a stir for students when a famous youtuber recorded a video from the suicide forest in Japan:

On a much more positive note we celebrated Adam Welcome, our crazy running principal friend, for completing 103 miles in 24 hours!

Jessica shared a discussion activity she used in a recent staff meeting with the purpose of building shared understanding and then brought up an issue that happens in staff you have this issue?


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Episode 87: Happy New Year 2018

In this special end of the year episode, Theresa, Jessica and Spike discuss their Winter Break.

Spike talked about his floating experience. He will be posting a blog about what he learned from the time in the sensory deprivation tank. Click here for the blog post on floating. 

Jess talked about her trip to the North Pole (aka Minnesota).

Theresa talked about couch time (SO important!)

We then got into a discussion about screen time. Jessica shared an app called (OffTime) and Theresa shared the app RealizD. Do you have a favorite app to keep track of the usage on your phone and what is taking up too much time in your day? Another recommendation on this topic included the book Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zambrodi, who is also the host of the podcast Note to Self.

We chatted about New Year's Resolutions and goals for balance. A podcast recommendation shared by Jessica included Lead to Win by Michael Hyatt.


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Monday, December 25, 2017

Episode 86: The Holiday Break for Principals

Source: Austin ISD
In this episode, Theresa and Spike share their final week leading up to the Winter Break. It is clear from the discussion that no matter the school you work in or the area of the country, that it can be a very stressful time. Spike and Theresa shared some ideas for student and staff recognition.

What do Principals do over the break? Theresa, who has a two-week break, plans to read, relax and disconnect. She talked about the book Culturize, by Jimmy Casas and the Twitter group that is going along with that. In addition, she has some plans for writing and maybe even organizing her office.

Spike's goals for the break are very similar. He recently purchased, Brene Brown's new book Braving the Wilderness and plans to read it. In addition, he might try to do a Float session, yoga and or a hike in the woods to decompress.

Tell us what you are doing over the break. Tweet us @drspikecook, @principalstager, @principalj and use the #principalpln.


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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Episode 85: Breaking Out Of Isolation

Episode 85: Breaking Out Of Isolation

In this episode, Theresa, Spike and Jessica catch up after about a year hiatus from the podcast. It is clear that everyone needed a break to work on other projects, focus on family, and work/life balance.

Where our thumbs are going:

Flipgrid vs Recap
Brene Brown Braving the Wilderness
Snow Day Calculator
Lucy Calkins Reading/Writing
Melinda Miller's Blog Post - Progressive PD
Culturize - Jimmy Casas
Coherence - Michael Fullan
@DGriffin3 Flipgrid Fever
  • Introduce parents to teachers over summer/new semester/trimester
  • Conferences
  • Foreign Language students

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Episode 84: Happy New Year #PrincipalPLN

Happy New Year from the PrincipalPLN!
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We're back!! Well, at least Theresa and Jessica are. Spike has been abducted by aliens, so he's not available to podcast today. Of course, we jest. We miss you, Spike!)

 Find out why we haven't podcasted in so long and hear about some major life changes.

We discuss if it's possible to use Snapchat in schools and how? Theresa asked this question on Facebook and shares the responses in this google doc. 

Other apps we shared include:
Photofunia iPhone app
Houseparty (video group chat) iPhone app - app for goals/habits iPhone app
“Here are the best iPhone apps for 2016” - Business Insider

In the spirit of the new year we discuss New Year's Resolutions and the goal strategy in the book The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than You Do in 12 Months and other apps to help you with goal setting in Michael Hyatt's blog post: 7 Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Build New Habits.

Here's Theresa's New Year's Resolution:

We also share the new podcasts we are listening to:
This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt


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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Episode 83: Support for New Administrators

In this episode we discuss a couple of great resources for New Administrators: #NewAdminChat and #SAVMP.

We were joined by Emily Clare and Jeff Pricket to hear all about their new endeavor to support new administrators: #NewAdminChat which will be the first Tuesday of each month, kicking off for the first time on Tuesday, September 6th at 8:00pm CST.  We encourage you all to join in to support new administrators and to also help promote this for any new administrators that you may know. 

Another great resource for new and experienced administrators is the School Administrator Virtual Mentor Program, known as #SAVMP  This program was started originally by George Couros, taken over by Amber Teamann for a year and organized by our very own Theresa for years 3 and 4!  Mentors and Mentees are matched up based on the information that is entered into the application, which you can find HERE.  Mentors and Mentees can plan to connect on Voxer and Twitter, as well as blog throughout the year on topics given out for the #SAVMP group.  This year, Theresa is adding a gamification component for members to earn badges! #SAVMP is a great program that both veterans and new administrators have enjoyed learning from. 

Whether you are a new administrator or a veteran, we encourage you to not only get involved with both of these supports to grow as a mentor, learn along side colleagues, and challenge you to share these resources with others to get connected as well. 

We also have a giveaway...the book I'm In The Principal's Seat, Now What? If you are a new administrator or know someone who is and would love this gift, please tweet us, using #principalpln to tell us why you want this book or who you know would. 

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Episode 82: Random Thoughts in the August "Crunch Time"

In this podcast, Spike and Jessica talk candidly and randomly, with no podcast plan!  Listen to hear their conversation of everything in their heads at this point in time... about what's on their to-do lists to get ready for the school year, what they're listening to, etc.

We're all down to crunch time to the start of the new school year! Are you feeling like this?

As has been previously shared in our podcast notes (a year ago), here is an example of Jessica's summer to-do list, which Spike refers to as her "playbook."

We may not have gone on any exciting vacations this summer, but our book did! Check out where Kathi Kersznowski took our book this summer:

We also chatted about what other podcasts we've been listening to:
UnearthED by Brad Gustafson and Ben Gilpin

Jessica raved about EduCLIMBER, an amazing data warehouse that is one place to track every source of student data (tests, attendance, behavior) keep track of interventions to monitor progress and even have a student app to track behaviors in a Check In-Check Out system each day. Here's a great quick overview of what it looks like.

Spike talked about his recent experience of seeing Ken Williams speak at a local conference. Ken recently published Starting a Movement: Building a Culture From The Inside Out in Professional Learning Communities. Spike said he was able to use parts of this book right away as he worked with his staff on Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals.

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